Top 5 Online Therapy Providers

We Looked For The Best Online Therapy Services

Navigating the sea of Google results and online reviews can take quite a lot of time, so we saved you the trouble and compiled a list of the five best online therapy providers showcased below.

Each of these providers has built a great reputation for giving personal care to their patients.  Some of these great providers are designed for specific needs in mind while others remain more generalized.  Here's a bit about what sets each of these online therapy services apart.

Top 5 Online Therapy Providers

1. BetterHelp

If you just have general anxiety or just don't quite know where your issue fits, then BetterHelp is the best all-around solution.  With certified counselors specializing in a broad spectrum of issues from depression to addiction and grief struggles.  If you find yourself just needing a little bit of help finding support in life.


Faithful Counseling is a Christian counseling service that provides online faith-based counseling services. They provide counselors who are committed to helping you grow in your faith and relationship with God.


The LGBTQ community has been attacked by many groups throughout history.  Finding a therapist that understands your struggles and is available discreetly from anywhere can make all the difference.  PrideCounseling is a great option for those who need a guide in working through LGBTQ issues.  Rest easy knowing you can seek therapy without stigma from the outside world.


As much as we all love each other, love isn't always forever, but is hoping to change that by providing online couples therapy. Don't let your location or spouse's work schedule stop you from resolving your issues. Finally couples have a convenient option designed specifically for helping them deal with their arguments and intimate issues. 


While young adolescents experience every issue the rest of us do, most agree they require a little different approach. Luckily one of our online therapy providers specializes in dealing with teens or their parents. Don't let your teenage children suffer from poor mental health. Addressing issues early on is key to healthy development, so provide them with a safe space to always reach out to a therapist.

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No matter what service you decide, online therapy services have a number of benefits over traditional therapy. From convenience to cost, online therapy is really looking to be the future, so we hope that you'll include it in yours.

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