Finding Faith While Finding Help

When it comes to trying to find help, whether it be seeking professional help or support from your peers, the task can be extraordinarily daunting. You find yourself trying to figure out what you need and asking yourself what qualities in a counselor will best assist you. 

Someone once told me that to get sound advice; you need to ask a reputable source. I had never given much thought to who I should ask for advice on specific subjects until I heard that statement during a sermon at my mother’s home church. The pastor made a good point.

It's easier to overlook than you think. We often rather turn to the people closest to us rather than the one who knows how to help you the best. When it comes to seeking help or advice, it helps if the person you turn to actually knows what they are talking about. You wouldn’t trust your mechanic to lead your open heart surgery unless he is also a talented surgeon, but that is highly unlikely.  

When you are seeking help, it is beneficial to be able to share faith with whom you are speaking. You are able to better learn and are more willing to trust their advice when you know they are a reliable individual who is knowledgeable and shares similar beliefs. 

I have found asking a successful individual is especially helpful when you are struggling with a situation in your life. They have been through and overcome the situations already, so they have some insight into the journey you are on. Experience gives an individual insight to better guide you in your life. 

Spiritual beliefs can be an extraordinarily important aspect of one's life as well. When seeking help, I think it is important to keep that in mind. Search for counselling that will enrich your life with spiritual insights. A big part of that can be found in sharing a faith with your counselor. In order for your counselor to best guide you on the journey of your own faith, it would help them to know what your faith entails.  

Counselling itself can be incredibly helpful and even more so when you find counseling services that best matches your own beliefs with the services you chose. Having a counselor who understands that turning to God in moments where you feel overwhelmed could help your mental health and faith overall. 

God Sent Me To Help

Throughout my life, I've encountered certain traumas that felt incredibly debilitating. I felt lost. Not only in living my everyday life, but in how I practiced my faith. I was going through the motions, trying to ignore the overwhelming pressures that were happening all around me, until I just couldn’t bear it anymore. I knew I needed to make a change. 

I just didn’t know what to do next until I ultimately ended up in a counselor's office. There I found a guide to open up to about the weight of the events that were present in life. It’s important to know you’re not alone; that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. As cliche as it sounds, opening up about the problems I was facing day in and day out saved my life. 

As I stood in front of my counselor, scared of judgment from the words I was about to speak, I realized just how damaging it was for me to hold it all in. The words I thought would lead to my demise began to give me relief. Relief of feeling alone in feeling the way I did. Relief in knowing that I could get help, and relief that I had support available to me. I was able to discuss the problems that gave me stress and find some coping mechanisms to help guide me back to God and feel the healing power of Jesus’ love. 

It was beneficial for me to talk to someone within my own faith because they could give me scriptures to help me better understand my pain and how, with God, anything was possible, even healing. Having the counselor there helped me reconnect with God and in turn, become more in touch with myself and strengthen my faith. 

Turning toward God when things get rough can sometimes feel impossible. We can sometimes feel mad at him, or maybe just that we can get by better on our own. One of the biggest things I struggle with is accepting that I need help and admitting that I need to lean on someone else. Taking the first step towards bettering yourself is always the hardest because we want to remain reliant on ourselves, and don’t want to admit that we need the love and forgiveness of God and Jesus to help guide me through the trials of life. 

Finding Faith-Based Counseling 

Now that I’ve come to accept help from others as well as the Lord, I have become a lot stronger individual and realize that having a support system is not a sign of weakness. 

Having faith-based counseling options is important. Christians who battle mental illness’ need to learn a variety of faith-based was to improve mental health and connection with the creator. Going through Christan counseling will help you become healthier, mentally and spiritually. I know I have gained a lot of insight to healthy ways of managing my stress through talking through things with a counselor. 

Using Faithful Counseling can help you find a counselor who shares your faith to guide you in maintaining balance in both your faith and mental health. Christan counselors, who are well-versed in psychological and spiritual wellness can be the right help you need to thrive rather than survive. Things as simple as doing daily devotions with a specific focus on what you are going through or finding specific scriptures that help you better understand what God wants for you can lead you to do amazing things while you are on your walk with God. So, for you, take the first step to bettering your life. 

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